Traffic commissioners publish 2019-20 annual report

The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain have published their annual report for 2019-20.

In the report, the commissioners:

  • outline the approach they have taken to assist operators during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • provide an update on progress against their strategic targets
  • report on their observations from the past year of regulating the road transport industries
  • give their thanks to critical workers in the road transport industries, OTC staff, and DVSA staff for their hard work during the pandemic

Read the traffic commissioners’ annual report for 2019-20

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

A large part of the report is dedicated to the flexible and pragmatic measures put in place to support and regulate the road transport industries during this difficult period. The report recognises our reliance on safe and reliable transport during the lock down period and the efforts of operators, transport managers, drivers and OTC staff.

The topics covered in this section include:

  • a change in regulatory approach proportionate to the circumstances of the pandemic
  • issuing practical advice for operators
  • helping to ensure vehicle safety during lockdown
  • working out a way of carrying out compliance checks
  • working to introduce virtual training and remote audits
  • supporting bus operations

Statistics for the year

The report contains the Office of the Traffic Commissioner’s stats for 2019-20. This covers both its licensing and regulatory functions.

Some of the key stats for the year are:

  • 11,803 operator licence applications and variations processed
  • 15,640 local bus registrations processed
  • 1,541 public inquiries
  • 318 preliminary hearings
  • 17,937 driver conduct cases closed

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