National Highways Information to help you stay safe and feel confident

National Highways has launched a ‘Driving on motorways’ hub that’s packed full of useful guidance and information to help you feel more confident when driving on motorways.

It’s National Highways’ role to help keep people safe on our roads. They also want people to be safe and feel confident when they travel. There are many ways they are doing this, including providing help and guidance to drivers about the roads they look after.

What sort of information is on the hub?

The hub includes a film National Highways has produced which features Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley from the ‘Gadget Show’.

The film explains how the individual elements of an all-lane running smart motorway work together to maintain safety and reduce congestion. You’ll also find shorter films covering things like live lane breakdowns, red X signs and variable speed limits.

Future changes

We want to make the hub as useful as possible and we’ll be adding more information over the coming months.

For more information

Visit our ’Driving on Motorways’ hub and watch our film.