Improved information on transporting horses in horseboxes and trailers

It’s important when you’re transporting horses, that you know what you can and cannot do. Horses are important animals and worth a considerable amount so you will want to do the best for them.

We’ve reformatted and updated the horsebox guidance into a series of webpages, rather than the old PDF version.

It will be easier to search for and quickly access the information you need, instead of scrolling through multiple pages.

Many horseboxes are only used during the warmer months and can lie, unused, for a considerable amount of time.

This means they can develop defects, so don’t forget to have your horsebox or trailer inspected by a qualified mechanic before using it. This is particularly important before the annual test (MOT) for bigger horseboxes to make sure they are in a roadworthy condition to pass and safe to be taken out on the road.

You should also carry out walkaround checks on your vehicle before you take it out. This will help  you spot any potential problems before they become major issues threatening the wellbeing of your horse.

You can also get a free safety check from the National Trailer and Towing Association.

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