Changes to regulations based on the review/consultation about amendments to Driver CPC

The main changes are:

  • Drivers should complete 7 hours of training a year.
  • They should not repeat the same course unless there is a specific need.
  • If DVSA believe a training provider knowingly allowed a driver to repeat courses, they may revoke the driver’s periodic training hours, or their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DQC) card.
  • Courses can include a maximum of 2 hours e-learning per 7-hour course for drivers to complete prior to attending the classroom or during the classroom sessions, where the other five hours will be delivered.
  • Drivers can now also undergo training based on other transport-related EU Directives that does not hold specific approval as a Driver CPC course.
  • This may include training on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR training taken under Directive 2008/68/EC) and other training yet to be confirmed.